A new version of the Active Travel Counts web app (desktop only) is now available.

The following improvements have been made:

  • Multiple counters can be included on a single chart to facilitate comparisons. The counters can be from different local authorities or even of different types (i.e. pedestrian vs. cycle).
Chart 1 – Monthly Count from two counters
  • Counts can be aggregated to various frequencies (daily, 14 day rolling mean, weekly, monthly and yearly).
  • A box plot is available for 5-number summaries of the counter data.
Chart 2 – Box Plot
  • Hourly distribution of counts are now available for each day of the week
Chart 2 – Distribution by Hour for every day of the week
  • The map is now based on leaflet which gives more flexibility for new features in the future.

Some of these ideas emerged from a workshop organised by Active Travel Counts with active travel teams from various Irish local authorities. The workshop was organised with support from the  Open Data Engagement Fund and had two main objectives: 

  • encourage re-use of existing active travel datasets by making them available on the Open Data Portal
  • understand the potential use cases for the datasets

The Active Travel Counts project was initially developed as part of the Smart Dublin Active Travel Challenge between the months of April and July 2021.

The web app remains under active development. If you have ideas for how to improve the app or if you work with active travel datasets in Ireland and would like to see them on the app – please get in touch (michael@active-travel-counts.ie)

Note: The previous version of the app will still be available here until end of September 2022.